CDFE: Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

Course Overview

Digital Forensics is the investigation and recovery of data contained in digital devices. This data is often the subject of investigations in litigation, proof of guilt, and corrective action in an organization. When the time comes that you need to investigate your organization, will you have the skill set necessary to gather the digital data that you need? The Certified Digital Forensics Examiner Cybersecurity Training Course will benefit organizations, individuals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies in performing these investigations and reporting their findings.

To illustrate, lets say an employee needs to be terminated for a violation of computer usage rules. To do so the organization must furnish an irrefutable burden of proof based on digital evidence. If not irrefutable, an attorney knowledgeable about Digital Forensics could have the case thrown out of court. Government and investigative agencies need proper training to succeed in cases like the above as well as those including acts of fraud, computer misuse, illegal pornography, counterfeiting, and so forth. A C)DFE is aptly prepared to handle these types of situations.


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Coming SoonLive Virtual Led510:00 amEnrolling Now$2,995
Coming SoonLive Virtual Led510:00 amEnrolling Now$2,995

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Who Should Attend

  • Forensic Auditor
  • IT Auditor
  • Law Enforcement
  • Internal Auditor 


  • CSS: Security Sentinel
  • CISSO: Information Systems
  • Security Officer
  • Or equivalent experience 


Upon completion, students will:

  • Have knowledge to perform digital forensic examinations
  • Have knowledge to accurately report on their findings from examinations
  • Be ready to sit for the CDFE Exam

Course Outline