IADNACA: Implementing Assurance DNAC Workshop

Course Overview

In this workshop you will learn why we are implementing Assurance, what it looks like and key features. We will also discuss the Cisco DNA Center appliance and workflow and tasks associated with an implementation.


Start DateDelivery FormatDaysTimeStatusPriceEnroll
10/23/2023Live Virtual Led510:00 amGuarantee To Run$4,495
11/13/2023Live Virtual Led510:00 amGuarantee To Run$4,495
12/11/2023Live Virtual Led510:00 amGuarantee To Run$4,495
01/29/2024Live Virtual Led510:00 amGuarantee To Run$4,495
02/26/2024Live Virtual Led510:00 amGuarantee To Run$4,495

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Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • IT Solution Architects
  • Network Security Architects
  • Networking Admin and Operations
  • Networking Field Engineers


The knowledge and skills that the learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Practical network and LAN or WAN management experience
  • Cisco Inter-network Operating System (IOS) concepts


  • Know and understand Cisco DNA Center concepts, features, benefits, role, terminology, and the way this solution innovates common administrative tasks on today’s networks
  • Be familiar with the workflow approach in DNA Center, DNA Center dashboard, and its 4 Steps: Design, Policy, Provision, and Assurance
  • List, describe, and use the tools provided by Cisco DNA Center
  • Prepare, Install, and Setup a Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  • Use DNA Center for network discovery, design, and provision telemetry profiles
  • Realize the concepts, benefits, and capabilities of DNA Center Assurance
  • Implement Assurance Services on Cisco DNA Center
  • Use DNA Center to monitor, troubleshoot and assure network, client, and applications health
  • Use DNA Center to Integrate with ThousandEyes and Umbrella

Use DNA Center for AI and Analytics and Machine Learning (ML)

Course Outline