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Corporate Training Programs

Knowlogy’s hands-on corporate training programs are delivered to users in a business setting, giving students real business examples and real business exercises. This methodology allows students to relate the training to office tasks and functions they face daily. Students return to work with enhanced confidence as PC users, resulting in greater productivity. This approach to training is very different from most training companies, as Knowlogy works with each client to develop a custom solution to their individual work environments.
Pre-assessments can be implemented to assist in placing employees in the correct level of training. Training Assessments are highly recommended, and especially for corporate training, as they can help establish the proper training material for a class.
After training has occurred, Knowlogy can design a state-of-the-art post-training assessment for a company. Knowlogy can design a custom evaluation that your employees will be able to access via e-mail. The Knowlogy Education Team will review the results of the evaluation to ensure that training has been successful. Then, in turn, custom reports can be created for you, documenting the success!
Knowlogy writes training curriculum that can be used for custom courses. Course manuals and student training files can be custom designed to feature examples relevant to the daily activities students perform, and feature graphic representations of the applications and configurations appearing on their desktops. It is this approach to training that separates Knowlogy from other training providers in the area.
Knowlogy offers a full menu of 90-minute workshops. The brief workshops are designed to encourage more participation by taking less time out of the employee’s day. For some clients, it is much easier for management to sign off on 90 minutes of training as opposed to a full day or more.
The classes/workshops are grouped into three categories: Computers and Technology, Customer Service and Management, and Self and Community Development. Specific titles range from “Excel Basics, “Microsoft Outlook: Managing Your Inbox”, and “Fundamentals of Customer Service”, to name a few. As is the case with all Knowlogy-developed courseware, the workshops are fully customizable. Screen shots and content relevant to the audience’s daily activities are easily inserted into the workshop content.
Knowlogy recognizes that it’s not always practical or cost-effective to send multiple employees to an offsite class. In response to your needs, Knowlogy now offers a mobile laptop classroom consisting of ten fully-equipped and configurable student machines and an instructor station (LCD projector to enhance the learning experience).
In addition to standard and custom courses, Knowlogy has years of experience working with clients on large rollouts of new technology. A training project is much more than the delivery of classes. From experience, Knowlogy has discovered that classroom training is only valuable if it provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to be productive at their jobs. When Knowlogy begins a training project, our first step is to identify the desired outcome or outcomes. A Knowlogy Account Manager will meet with your Training Coordinator and department managers to understand what kinds of information, documents, tasks, and processes your employees use in completing their job requirements. Knowlogy’s experts will determine where technology can enhance or simplify your requirements, and then develop training courseware accordingly.
At Knowlogy, Productivity Days are offered to enhance classroom instruction. Productivity Days are support sessions with a Knowlogy instructor onsite, available to field questions, assist with specific computerized tasks, and offer additional instructional assistance to those who request it. It is a great follow-up to training; employees have the opportunity to use their new knowledge for a time at their desks and can formulate questions about the processes and tasks they use daily.
Knowlogy introduces greatly expanded technical training choices for the exact training you want without traveling expenses or time: K-Remote Classroom Instruction. Knowlogy has the technology in place to offer any Instructor-Led Training class that is being taught to students in their office or home environment, using Live K-Remote. This saves on the travel cost and time that the employee has to be out of the work environment. For more information about this exciting new benefit select k-Remote.
Each instructor at Knowlogy has graduated and received certification from a “Train the Trainer Program.” Not only are Knowlogy instructors highly qualified in their technical specialties, but they also understand the importance of delivering the material effectively. The Train the Trainer Program teaches instructors how to work with various ability levels, address various learning styles, and how to implement effective presentation skills and training aids. Knowlogy Training, Inc. is certified as an authorized Train the Trainer center.
Knowlogy has developed “Quick Reference Guides” for all Microsoft Office applications. These guides act as quick desktop references that many users keep by their computers to increase efficiency with daily tasks. The guides can be used as general reference as well as tailored to specific customer requirements and inquiries.

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