Production Solutions

Production Solutions
For the past six years, Knowlogy has provided hosting services for real-time business applications and websites. Our hosting solution includes servers at the Verizon Premier Tier 4 datacenter in Ashburn, VA.  This datacenter has environmental controls to keep the servers cool and exceptional security, with 24×7 uniformed guard service as well as closed-circuit surveillance provided by 114 cameras. In addition to the redundant system of the datacenter, Knowlogy offers backup and disaster-recovery services through our in-house back-up servers at Knowlogy’s Vienna, VA facilities. Through our Infrastructure support services and Disaster Recovery solution we are able to guarantee 99.95% availability.

We have successfully provided hosting and support to mission-critical applications in support of large Government contracts. Our systems consist of a complex array of servers and storage in a consistently managed, strictly controlled environment, to provide 24x7x365 support of business operations.

In addition the quality of our technology, one of the biggest advantages of Knowlogy’s hosting solution our personal, customized support. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that our solution fits the requirements

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