Custom Training

Custom Training
Custom Learning Solutions are tailored to meet the client’s needs at any location: the client’s site, third-party locations, Knowlogy Training Centers, or Live K-Remote.
Knowlogy provides a free, in-depth consultation to discuss your organizational learning objectives. The consultation can include any one of the following services:


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Knowlogy’s training options are limitless and can be fully modified to meet your organizational learning and training needs. To learn more about Knowlogy’s options, Contact Us. Knowlogy’s Custom Learning Solutions Process
Knowlogy begins the Custom Learning Solutions process by meeting with the client to assess training needs, develop a profile of the training audience, and identify desired results.
Following a brainstorming session with the instructor and client, the customized course design is planned. Learning objectives are laid out and benchmarks are put in place. The course structure, media, and methods for the customized training are agreed upon.
Knowlogy’s instructors work to develop the customized courseware, lab manuals, and instructional aids for the client.
Once the course content has been finalized, a Knowlogy Account Manager will work with the client to ensure the customization meets the training program requirements.
After the instructor’s custom training design is reviewed by the client, training begins. Some customized courses are developed for a single training session, and others are used to train many employees over a period of months in numerous courses.
Knowlogy reviews the performance of the training program. Team members evaluate performance data against benchmarks, and continually revise the program over time as needed.

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