CISSO: Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Course Overview

About this Cybersecurity Training Course

The CISSO covers all of the CISSP (10 Domain) exam objectives but allows the student to get certified with much more ease than the ISC2 exam process. Kevin Henry is the well-known security guru who created both these Cybersecurity Training Courses. The CISSO is the updated version with the latest and greatest content, which will also prepare the student for the CISSP exam. The CISSO Cybersecurity Training Course is designed for a forward-thinking security professional or consultant that manages or plays a key role in an organizations information security department.

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer was a direct initiative of the DND €“Department of Defence of Canada in cooperation with the DOD €“ Department of Defence of the United States. Defined in in this dual initiative titled CANUS CDISM MOU – ID#: 1974100118 found at: zation/111449.pdf in the CANUS CDISM MOU, it stated the following: I. The CDRSN National Information System Security Officer (ISSO) is the focal point for all security issues pertaining to this network. II. The Director Information Management Security (DIMSECUR) is the DND authority for security assessment of the CDRSN, including the approval of Interim Authority to Process (IAP) and Authority to Communicate.

The Certified ISSO was created with these initiatives in mind. The CISSO addresses the broad range of industry best practices, knowledge and skills expected of a security manager/0fficer. The candidate will learn in-depth theory pertaining to the practical implementation of core security concepts, practices, monitoring and compliance in the full panorama of IS management.   Through the use of a risk-based approach, the CISSO is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls that are closely aligned with both business and industry standards. Whether youre responsible for the management of a Cybersecurity team, a Security Officer, an IT auditor or a Business Analyst, the CISSO certification Cybersecurity Training Course is an ideal way to increase your knowledge, expertise and skill!


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Coming SoonLive Virtual Led510:00 amGuaranteed to Run$2,995
Coming SoonLive Virtual Led510:00 amGuaranteed to Run$2,995

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Who Should Attend

  • IS Security Officers
  • IS Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Auditors
  • Information Systems Owners
  • IS Control Assessors
  • System Managers
  • Government


  • 1 Year experience in at least 2 modules or
  • 1 year in IS Management


Upon completion, Certified Information Systems Security Officer students will be able to not only be able to establish industry acceptable Cybersecurity & IS management standards with current best practices but also will be prepared to competently take the CISSO exam.

Course Outline